Friday, November 22, 2013

Does the Rain Ever Stop?

Getting all packed up and ready to go.  This will be my last post.  It has been fun blogging with you and all of your questions have been fantastic.  I loved seeing all of you on the Skype.  I wanted you to hear one last thing.  It is the sound of the currawong.  It was such a lovely sound.  Here is the link.
And here is his picture.  You probably would have never identified this bird.  Not the greatest picture!

I Finally Got a Close Up!

This bird laughed at me the entire time I was at Cape Otway and he made me laugh every time I heard him.  I think he
was laughing at me because every time I tried to take his picture he would fly away.  This guy was just sitting here waiting for a handout.  He wasn't interested in what the other birds were eating (seeds) because he is a type of kingfisher.  I hope you know that it is a kookaburra.

One Even Landed on My Head!

I didn't even have food and he landed on my shoulder.  I love birds, but really.  What kind of bird is this?


We stopped to get a snack and these birds, that were so evasive in the wild, posed for pictures for us.  They are very tame here, because everyone feeds them.  Can you name these birds? 

Radio Tracking With My Team!

There were six people on my team, plus a scientist named Dr. Desley Whisson and an earthwatch coordinator.  This is Annie who lives in Santa Cruz and is an ex Aussie and Kirsty, our Australian Earthwatch coordinator.  Kirsty is only 27 years old, but boy
is she tough!  I shared a cabin with Kirsty, Annie, and Jim (Annie's husband).  It was fun to be with two Aussies.  They taught me so much about Australia!

My Boots!

I wanted to show you the heavy boots that we had to wear.  We also had to wear water proof pants and jackets because it was so wet.  You might notice that I also have on gaiters.  That is to protect my legs from venomous snake bites and prickly moses ( a type of plants that really cuts you up).  I forgot to wear my gloves one day when we were doing bush bashing and boy did I get my hands cut up with that stuff.

Up a Tree!

You can never have too many pictures of koalas!  You notice that they have put metal collars around the trees to prevent the koalas from going up the tree and eating the leaves.  They get very frustrated when they can't get up their favorite tree.